About the Book

cover of The House at Lobster Cove

The House at Lobster Cove
A Novel

Jane L. Goodrich

ISBN: 123456789023-3
Binding: Paper w/flaps
388 pages

Published by Benna Books,
an imprint of Applewood Books
Spring 2017

Jane Goodrich, co-founder of Saturn Press, has written a novel featuring George Nixon Black, whose real-life house, Kragsyde, a shingle-style architectural masterpiece built on the North Shore of Massachusetts, was recreated in loving detail by Jane and her husband, doing all the work themselves, on an island in Maine.

George Nixon Black, a complex and romantic man, spent a lifetime hiding in plain sight, harboring a secret of violence and a secret of love. Using characters, letters and events from history, and spanning the period between the Civil War and the Jazz Age, The House at Lobster Cove is part family saga, part love story, and an engaging personal journey set against the magnificence and mercilessness of the 19th century.

The book is a loving testament to George Nixon Black, his house, and the secrets he held. It is an artisanal work combining all the aspects of Ms. Goodrich's distinguished career — building, designing, telling stories, writing, and printing.

The paper cover with flaps has been letterpress printed on 100% cotton paper at the studio of Saturn Press and the book also includes a special tipped-in letterpress title page. This not only invites the reader to become absorbed in the author's narrative but also in her artistry.

Copyright © Jane L.Goodrich